Breast Augmentation Patients Report High Satisfaction

Breast augmentation, or enlargement, has been one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery since it first became available, with approximately 286,000 procedures being performed in 2012 across the United States.  A recent study, carried out by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, showed that 98 percent of women were satisfied with the results.

Breast Augmentation Patients Report High Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is one of the factors that is taken into consideration when surgical success is being measured.  The study was carried out over five years and involved interviews with 225 women who underwent the procedure.  Questions relating to recovery time, complications, the physical results and psychological effects were asked.  The average age of the patient and size of the implants were included in the report, with age being 34, and the volume of each implant being 390cc.

Increased self esteem is one of the main benefits reported by women who have undergone a breast enlargement procedure.  92 percent of the women surveyed reported this, and the vast majority also said that they were no longer self-conscious about their breasts.  The firmness of the tissue had also improved, with 75 percent of women rating this aspect as “just right”.  In total, the results were rated as ten out of ten by over half of the patients who took part in the survey.  Only 2 percent reported that the results did not meet their expectations.

Regarding side effects, these were reported as being both mild and uncommon in the vast majority of cases.  The average recovery time, during which patients were off work, was a week, with prescription medications for pain relief being used for five of these days.  The sensations and pain levels were reported as being normal again within 25 days post-surgery.  The scars, which are frequently brought up as a concern during the initial consultations, were only reported as being a problem in one percent of women after surgery.  These scars are usually located in the crease underneath the breast, and are therefore hidden as much as possible.

The satisfaction reported by breast augmentation patients is extremely high, suggesting that the popularity of this surgical procedure will not be declining any time soon.