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Breast Augmentation Patients Report High Satisfaction

Breast augmentation, or enlargement, has been one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery since it first became available, with approximately 286,000 procedures being performed in 2012 across the United States.  A recent study, carried out by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, showed that 98 percent of women were satisfied with the results.

Breast Augmentation Patients Report High Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is one of the factors that is taken into consideration when surgical success is being measured.  The study was carried out over five years and involved interviews with 225 women who underwent the procedure.  Questions relating to recovery time, complications, the physical results and psychological effects were asked.  The average age of the patient and size of the implants were included in the report, with age being 34, and the volume of each implant being 390cc.

Increased self esteem is one of the main benefits reported by women who have undergone a breast enlargement procedure.  92 percent of the women surveyed reported this, and the vast majority also said that they were no longer self-conscious about their breasts.  The firmness of the tissue had also improved, with 75 percent of women rating this aspect as “just right”.  In total, the results were rated as ten out of ten by over half of the patients who took part in the survey.  Only 2 percent reported that the results did not meet their expectations.

Regarding side effects, these were reported as being both mild and uncommon in the vast majority of cases.  The average recovery time, during which patients were off work, was a week, with prescription medications for pain relief being used for five of these days.  The sensations and pain levels were reported as being normal again within 25 days post-surgery.  The scars, which are frequently brought up as a concern during the initial consultations, were only reported as being a problem in one percent of women after surgery.  These scars are usually located in the crease underneath the breast, and are therefore hidden as much as possible.

The satisfaction reported by breast augmentation patients is extremely high, suggesting that the popularity of this surgical procedure will not be declining any time soon.

Breast Reconstruction, Reconstructing A Women’s Self Esteem

There is nothing more scary than breast cancer, being diagnosed with it is something that completely alters your life. What is also life altering is having a mastectomy. If you have had to have a complete or partial mastectomy, you may be considering having breast reconstruction. Breast reconstruction is a way to restore the appearance of the breast to its original look. The procedure consists of reconstructing both the breast tissue and the nipple. Most commonly the surgery requires the placement of breast implants.

Breast Reconstruction

 Different from other forms of breast augmentation or breast enhancement, breast reconstruction is done to replace a breast that has been lost. It is a way to restore the self confidence of the woman who has been through a tremendously scary and life altering experience. When having a breast reconstruction, it is possible to combine the surgery with further treatments to enhance, or lift both breasts at the same time. The main goal of the surgery is to restore the natural appearance of either one, or both breasts, to look exactly as it had before the mastectomy was performed, although some women opt to make the improvements to both breasts to enhance her overall self-esteem.

The surgery can be a complicated one so finding the right surgeon is important to get the overall results that you are looking for. To make sure that you are satisfied with the overall results, much care should be taken to consider and discuss what your expectations are for restoration. If you wish for the breast to look as it has before, or you want overall enhancements to be made, making your wishes known is the best way to be happy with the results. There are many combinations of surgeries that can be performed to make the product of the results exactly what you expect and are looking for.

Making sure to find someone who not only understands the complexity of the physical breast reconstruction, but also the mental aspects of breast reconstruction is important. It is a very stressful time in the life of a woman, and having someone who is willing to listen and understand is an important part of the overall experience of breast reconstruction.

Breast Enhancement Surgery Can Return The Happiness Once Lost

There is nothing that defines a woman more than their feminine curves. Unfortunately, not every woman is built the way that they want. There are many women who wish that they looked differently, or that they were endowed with a more enhanced breast size. For many women, the size and shape of their breasts is a continual source of dissatisfaction for them and their body image. Not many women are born with the perfect breast size and shape, but with today’s technology, it is possible for them to have it. Breast augmentation surgery has come a long way since first introduced. Now a days there many less invasive breast enhancement procedure. There are many different cosmetic procedures for many who are looking to improve their body shape.

Child birth and gravity are not kind things to a woman’s body. Breast feeding can take a significant tool on the shape of a woman’s breast, leaving her feeling extremely self conscious and dissatisfied with her body at a time when many changes have already taken place. There are also many women who are looking to turn back the hands of time who could benefit from breast augmentation. There are also those women who were not born with the size breasts that they desire, and are looking for enhance them through surgery.

The way to feel good about yourself is by liking the way that you look. For many women who are unhappy with the appearance of their breasts, there is a loss of self-esteem. There is nothing more self-defeating than looking in the mirror everyday to be unhappy with what you see. Many women can benefit from breast augmentation surgery, but think that the payoff may not be worth the risk or cost. There are many procedures that are not only well worth it, but can significantly change the lives of those who are looking to change their appearance and feel good about the way that they look. Simple procedural lifts, implants, or size reconstruction surgery can significantly impact a woman’s life and make her feel good about who she is again, bringing self-esteem and happiness back into her life.

5 Celebrities That Removed Their Breast Implants

As women we are always comparing are bodies to one another, and always comparing ourselves to celebrities. We either want bigger breasts, smaller waists or bigger butts. But, what happens when you go through the plastic surgery and decide that the procedure wasn’t right for you? Now many people are undoing their procedures, including celebrities. The most commonly known is undoing their breast augmentation.

Just as getting the breast augmentation procedure there is a removal fee that ranges roughly between $4000, to $5,000. But always depends on your doctor, and it is Important to discuss that with him or her before the procedure. Feeling comfortable in our own shoes is something very important, and a few of these ladies that happen to be celebrities no longer felt comfortable, and chose to change their image.

Some of the celebrities are as following:

1. Tamara Barney:

Tamra Barney

Best known as one of the Orange County Real Housewives, chose to change her body after turning 40, saying “ I started feeling secure in my own body and no longer needing them.” It’s really empowering when you realize that you do have self-confidence no matter what you look like.


2. Heather Morris:

Heather Morris

Best known for her dancing and singing role on Glee, she realized she needed a change when her chest was sore all the time, from doing just everyday activities.




3. Sharon Osbourne:

Sharon OsbourneBest known as a talk show host, and Ozzie Osbournes wife. She wanted a change because of her age, and she is quoted to saying “ I no longer feel like I have a water bed on my chest.”

4. Jane Fonda:

Jane FActivist, life style coast and author says she removed her breast augmentation because “ all celebrities are starting to look the same,” and wanting change at her age.



5. Jenna Jameson:

Jenna JamesonKnown as an adult entertainer stated “ they always got in the way, and I was uncomfortable.” She no longer was in the adult entertainment world, and realized that she doesn’t need big breasts to feel good about herself.

The Truth is, that bigger is not always better. However, this really shows that being comfortable within yourself is what is important.

The Down Side Of Breast Implants

Women who have undergone breast augmentation usually do so in order to enhance their appearance because they are unhappy with it for some reason.  This may be because their breasts are smaller than they would like, or because they have undergone surgery for a medical condition, such as a mastectomy for cancer treatment and wanted to restore the appearance of the chest.

However, some women choose to have their implants removed at a later date, which involves undergoing further surgery.  This means that another procedure needs to be paid for, as it will also be considered cosmetic surgery.  Implants are not designed to last for the entire lifetime of the patient, especially the earlier models of saline-filled implant, which were prone to rupturing.  One of the most common reasons for implant removal is because a rupture has occurred.  Sometimes, the implants will be replaced at the same time, if the patient chooses to have this carried out. Some women will undergo implant removal because they are looking to achieve a very large breast size and this needs to be done in stages, to allow the skin to expand sufficiently to cover the larger implants.

There have been concerns about the safety of some types of silicone implant, which has led to women requesting their removal.  However, this is rare and implants are tested to ensure their safety before being marketed to cosmetic surgeons.

Breast Lift Procedures Helping Women Regain Confidence

Many women will choose to undergo a breast lift after having children, because they are unhappy with the changes that have occurred in their body.  These changes can lead to feelings of self-consciousness and low self-esteem, and these women will often believe that they are no longer attractive to their partner.  A breast lift procedure helps to restore the pre-pregnancy appearance, which can boost confidence and restore feelings of femininity.  Being unhappy with the breasts can have a serious impact on a woman’s well being and state of mind, and the primary benefits of an uplift procedure are often considered to be psychological.

Plastic surgery doctor draw line patient breastA breast lift procedure is not the same as a Breast Augmentation, which involves the use of artificial implants to enlarge the breasts.  A breast lift, also called an uplift procedure, it is primarily used to restore the more youthful appearance of the breasts, which has been lost over time, perhaps as a result of pregnancy or the natural aging process.  Dramatic changes in weight, or even carrying out breastfeeding, can also cause the breasts to change shape.

As the tissue ages, some of the elasticity of the skin is lost, which can cause the breasts to sag, along with other parts of the body. This is more noticeable in women with larger breasts.  The uplift procedure reshapes and tightens the tissue to restore the appearance of the breast, and it does this by removing excess tissue from the underside.  The nipple will also be repositioned to ensure a natural look is maintained.  The breasts will feel firmer after the procedure.

Go All Natural With The Scarless Breast Augmentation

With the latest trends in cosmetic surgery being for minimal and non-invasive forms of treatment, procedures such as breast augmentation are falling in popularity.  Invasive surgical procedures such as this generally leave large scars where the incisions have been made and implants inserted, and the thought of this seems to be dissuading many women from having the procedure, which gives women a more natural look.

However, with the advancement of technology within the cosmetic surgery field, it is now possible to carry out breast augmentation with much less scarring than before.  It is referred to as a scarless breast augmentation, which is not strictly true, but the blemishes are much less noticeable.  They are also not in the places you might expect, such as under the breast or the armpit.

Scarless Breast AugmentationThe scarless breast augmentation involves making the surgical incision in the navel area (if you have an existing scar, the same incision site can be used) and inserting the implant through this.  The procedure takes approximately an hour for both implants to be positioned, and the recovery time is much greater than for a typical breast augmentation.

However, if you are considering the scarless breast augmentation method for your procedure, then it is important to discuss the benefits and risks with your surgeon before you agree to anything.  The use of this technique means that the implant must be situated above the muscle, which is not suitable for all women.  Enough breast tissue must be present to cover the implant and avoid an artificial look.  If there is not much tissue present, or you are looking to have large implants inserted, then this method may not be suitable. Before you decide on the right procedure for you, it is important to discuss your options with a qualified surgeon and get enough information to make your decision.