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SmartLipo MPX What Is It And Who Can Benefit From It?

Nothing is more punishing to the body than age and gravity. As time goes on, there are many parts of the body that begin to sag in certain places, and things just don’t appear as they used to. For many looking to gain the youthful appearance that they once had, new technologies and innovations are giving them the results they long for. SmartLipo MPX is a new procedure that is having many people feeling good about the way that they look again, giving them back the body they had decades before.

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SmartLipo MPX is different from regular Smartlipo because it utilizes the 2 laser wavelengths instead of just one. It is a way to combine the fat melting capability of liposuction with the skin tightening methods of other laser treatments. Some treatments combine two different wavelengths while others have added an additional third. It is a procedure that is continually being perfected upon and one which is overcoming the limitations of not being able to get the results you want from traditional diet and exercise routines.

If you are tired of sacrificing and punishing yourself for hours on end at the gym to still not be happy with the way that you look, it is time to make a change. Not only is SmartLipo MPX an effective treatment, it is also an affordable and non-invasive one. Usually only requiring a couple of treatments to transform the body, it can help to undo the damage of aging, restoring the skins tight appearance, and eradicating cellulite all together.

Five Tips On How To Lose That Muffin Top

Love Handles, just reading the word makes you roll your eyes. Love handles or “muffin top” is that annoying fat that’s on the side of your hips that bulges over pants, and makes the stomach stick out in a bathing suit.

Since the beginning of time women have tried numerous ways to hide or remove the love handles.  But every time the temporary fix no longer works we give up, and go back trying to cover up those love handles! However, now days there are many solutions that can help hide, slim down or even permanently get rid of those pesty love handles. There are now several solutions from dieting all the way to cosmetic procedures.

If you are truly serious about losing those love handles, here are a few different ways to help:

Exercise: You can do as many sit ups, crunches and pushups as you please, but you will still never lose the muffin top. Unfortunately, you can’t just work out once and the fat vanishes, in this case you would have to put in at least 4 to 5 cardio exercises in a week. By doing cardio you are getting your heart pumping and the blood flowing through your body. Some specific exercises that are good for the stubborn fat such as the love handles would be: planks, side planks and muscle ball chops. Of course with the exercise comes with the right kind of dieting. But over time your body will feel healthier, look toner and of course no love handles.bigstock-Group-of-five-people-in-gym-or-15749528

Fashion: There are several new clothing lines out that help suck in your love handles and makes you look great in your little black dress. You can wear spandex that will suck in your love handles or shape wear brand that has tank tops that help suck in the muffin look. These are just some examples, there are many brands out there these days that help form fit the body.

Fast Fix: One way to make yourself give off the appearance that you’re skinnier, and make you look like you’re fitting in your clothing would be a spray tan. If you look tanner, people are focusing on the tan and it gives the appearance of being skinner.

Forever Fix: If you don’t have time to exericese, or you want a fix that will last longer than a pair of spandex you can do a surgical or non-surgical procedure:

  • Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedure:There is a new procedure treatment that is called Cool Sculpting. Cool Sculpting is non-surgical procedure that is injected in the specific areas you want treated and over time cools away the fat. This works best because you can treat the exact area of interested. This will require several treatments, but after a period of time the treatment works and you’ll see the results.
  • Surgical Cosmetic Procedure: SmartLipo is one of the new top trends that has a 78% rate of working. This procedure works by going into the doctor’s office and laser off the area of fat that you want removed. There is little to no recovery, of course the area will be a little tender, and may cause a minor rash. Now only using SmartLipo will help small areas of fat loss, however if you combine SmartLipo with liposuction you will be able to get larger fat areas and will have an even higher chance to get rid of that annoying fat.

By using these different products you will receive different results, however they are all after one goal; getting rid of those love handles, that aren’t so loveable.

One of Georgia’s Most Impressive Cosmetic Surgeons Dr. Lou Cole

If you are looking for a cosmetic surgeon in the state of Georgia, then Dr. Louis D. Cole is definitely someone you should consider.  He specializes in minimally invasive cosmetic surgery, including several different methods of liposuction, along with body contouring and fat transfer procedures such as the Brazilian butt lift.

Dr. Louis Cole completed both his undergraduate degree and medical training at Brown University, where he specialized in surgery.  He is board certified in Emergency Medicine, and is an active member of the medical team at Gwinnett Medical Center.  In addition to being a member of a number of professional organizations, such as the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and the Medical Association of Georgia, he is a Diplomate of the American Board of Emergency Medicine.Dr. Lou Cole
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The Works on Water Jet Assisted Liposuction

Water Jet Assisted Liposuction is one of the most modern and advanced cosmetic procedures today used by individuals to re-shape their bodies.  WJAL shows promising results in contouring parts of the body such as, shoulder, abdomen, thigh, buttock, flanks and hip region.

Who are likely candidates for Water Jet Assisted Liposuction?

The ideal candidates are those who are already in good health and are just looking to get in good shape. Water Jet Assisted Liposuction shows excellent result in individuals who are not employing the procedure as a weight loss therapy. Since water is used in the procedure, a better anatomical assessment can be performed for better visualization (in the absence of any tissue swelling).

The benefits of WJAL over other liposuction techniques include:

  • Short Recovery Time
  • Lesser risk of complications since the procedure can be performed under local anesthesia.
  • Less Tissue Trauma
  • Lesser cost of procedure
  • Quick Results

What should you know about the procedure?

Since Water Jet Assisted Liposuction involves introduction of water under pressure via cannula in the tissues that causes loosening of fat cells. These fat cells can then be extracted along with water showing early promising results.

Water Assisted Lipo 1-2Water Assisted Lipo 3-4

Unlike other fat emulsifying methods, Water Jet Assisted Liposuction is not associated with dissolution of adipose tissue and so should not be mistaken with fat loss strategies. The risk of complications is very little and limited to only mild bruising or swelling of the tissues.

Listed Surgeon on Laser Lipo Guide, Dr. Daryl K. Hoffman, MD is a qualified American Board Certified Surgeon who has performed many Water Jet Assisted Liposuction procedures in California. With all his great  skills and knowledge of the field he has been able to provide his patients with the highest quality of care and great results.

The Latest Cosmetic Treatments Today


Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures today for both men and women. HydraSolve is an advancement in this procedure, allowing patients to contour the body without many of the negative side effects of traditional liposuction.

HydraSolve was developed by Andrew Technologies; a United States based medical technology company. The device has been approved by the FDA for liposuction.

Hydrasolve utilizes a low pressure stream of saline solution to liquefy white adipose tissue in targeted areas of the body. The procedure damages fewer blood vessels, connective tissue, and nerves than traditional liposuction procedures and requires no force in order to remove the fat cells from the body. Bruising in the patient is diminished following the procedure and HydraSolve also provides surgeons with enhanced precision while removing fat from the body.


Though Botox remains popular as an anti-aging treatment, there is new competition on the horizon. PurTox is a drug that is waiting for FDA approval to reduce wrinkles and give patients a more youthful appearance. Clinical trials are currently being performed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of PurTox, but cosmetic surgeons remain hopeful that the drug will prove to be as effective as Botox and affordable as well.

UltraShape V3

Though not yet distributed in the United States, UltraShape V3 offers new hope to patients who would like to control subcutaneous fat in the body. The device transmits pulsed ultrasonic energy into the targeted area to destroy fat without elevating the temperature significantly. Fat destruction occurs instantly in the body in a highly selective, non-thermal manner.

Bariatric Surgery Increases Demand for Body Contouring After Weight Loss

The number of Americans who are suffering with morbid obesity continues to rise. As such, the number of bariatric surgeries is also likely to continue to rise according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Bariatric surgery has definitely had some success with patients, but what about getting rid of excess fat and skin after patient lose the initial weight. Continue reading