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What is the best Cosmetic Procedure to get you in Shape this Summer?

If you are looking to improve your appearance in time for the summer this year, then it is possible that you have considered cosmetic surgery as a method of doing this.  However, as there are so many options available, you will need to choose which would be the most appropriate for you.

When it comes to getting into shape for the summer, the most popular choice for a cosmetic procedure is liposuction.  This is a type of cosmetic surgery that can be used to give a more streamlined and shapely appearance to the body.  It is ideal if you have been losing weight through the use of diet and exercise, but are not completely happy with your figure.


The process of liposuction removes excess fat from the body, and it is advised that it is used on stubborn areas that are difficult to address using non-surgical methods.  If the surgeon feels that you are trying to use liposuction as a fast and easy method of weight loss, then he or she may refuse to carry out the treatment, as this is not its intended purpose.  It is usually carried out under general anesthetic, and involves the injection of a liquid into the treatment area to make the fat cells easier to remove.  The removal is done by drawing out the mixture of fluid and cells using a fine needle known as a cannula.

Newer forms of liposuction have also been developed, which are less invasive.  Laser lipo, as these are commonly known, have rapidly increased in popularity, for a number of reasons.  They involve a shorter recovery time, meaning that you will need less time off work after your procedure.  Laser lipo can be used almost anywhere on the body, and it results in fewer side effects than traditional liposuction, with greatly reduced bleeding, bruising and swelling.

If you are interested in having liposuction this summer, then you should think about booking your initial consultation soon.  Your chosen surgeon will then be able to discuss the different types of liposuction with you, and help you to decide which would be the most appropriate method for you, depending on your requirements.  It is also important, at this stage, that you are aware of the benefits and the risks, before you make your final decision.

Guys! Do You Want Your Girlfriend To get Plastic Surgery? 24% Of Men DO!

Do women ever wonder if there boyfriends, husbands or fiancés want them to get cosmetic surgery, or are they happy with just them just the way they are? There was a survey done including 1,248 British men that were in relationships, to see if men really did want their partners to have plastic surgery. The results are in and a quarter of the men said yes they wanted their partners to have plastic surgery. However, a majority of men said they would never admit this to their partner. The research provided that 1 in 4 men would like their partner to have cosmetic surgery.

The top cosmetic procedures that men wanted fixed on their partners were:  Liposuction, Breast Enlargement, Dental Surgery, Nose jobs and Botox to remove wrinkles. By a 57% vote men decided they wanted their partners to have liposuction. That actually surprised the research team, thinking most men would have chosen breast enlargement.

After researching whether or not these men wanted their partners to have cosmetic surgery, they were then asked, “Would you ever tell your partner that you think surgery would improve their looks?”

Just as expected a lot less men would fess up to this. Only 12% admitted that they would actually tell their partners. Clearly these men must also be insane to ever tell anyone that they need surgery, however the greater majority would never tell their partners these thoughts. 76% of men said the biggest reason they did not tell their partner was because they didn’t think their looks could improve. 52% said they wouldn’t want to upset their partner, these must be the geniuses of the group, and 23% said they wouldn’t tell their partner for fear of causing an argument.

Well there you have it, men do want their partners to change, and they just don’t have the courage to inform their partners. For More info on this survey:

Women Put Yourself First With SmartLipo!

What is it about women? We will spend all we have on those in our lives, everyone, besides ourselves. When someone in our lives want something we have no problem sacrificing, but when it comes to something that we want, or need, for ourselves, we rarely resolve to spend the time or the money getting it done. If you are not happy with the way that you look, why are you allowing yourself to be miserable? There are things that you can do to change your appearance, that are well within your budget, and if you finally make yourself a priority, can be done with very little risk.


If you are unhappy with your appearance and have done everything possible to change it yourself without success, isn’t it time that you did something to make yourself feel better. After all, you can’t make those in your life happy if you are not happy yourself. If you have tried diet and exercise, but have been unable to make the transformation that you want, stop torturing yourself and do something to bring about the changes that will make you satisfied and will change your life forever. If you are putting off SmartLipo because of the cost involved, there is no reason to. Many financing options are available for you to have the procedures done and pay for it in a timely manner.

SmartLipo is not an expensive procedure, cost ranging from $1,500-$7000 depending on the area, for the appearance that will change your life. Many plastic surgery centers are willing to finance the cost over the period of a year, or more, which means that your payments are less than you would expect. Not only affordable, even on the smallest of budgets, you can pay as at a rate that you can afford monthly. Instead of suffering through looking in the mirror everyday to be disappointed with what you see, make the difference today and begin to live the life you want. Life is too short to worry about a small amount of money that can be financed over time. Put yourself first just this one time and be the person you want to be, not only for you, but for the people around you.

SmartLipo MPX What Is It And Who Can Benefit From It?

Nothing is more punishing to the body than age and gravity. As time goes on, there are many parts of the body that begin to sag in certain places, and things just don’t appear as they used to. For many looking to gain the youthful appearance that they once had, new technologies and innovations are giving them the results they long for. SmartLipo MPX is a new procedure that is having many people feeling good about the way that they look again, giving them back the body they had decades before.

 Woman smartlipomxp















SmartLipo MPX is different from regular Smartlipo because it utilizes the 2 laser wavelengths instead of just one. It is a way to combine the fat melting capability of liposuction with the skin tightening methods of other laser treatments. Some treatments combine two different wavelengths while others have added an additional third. It is a procedure that is continually being perfected upon and one which is overcoming the limitations of not being able to get the results you want from traditional diet and exercise routines.

If you are tired of sacrificing and punishing yourself for hours on end at the gym to still not be happy with the way that you look, it is time to make a change. Not only is SmartLipo MPX an effective treatment, it is also an affordable and non-invasive one. Usually only requiring a couple of treatments to transform the body, it can help to undo the damage of aging, restoring the skins tight appearance, and eradicating cellulite all together.

The Perfect Combination

Rhinoplasty And Chin Augmentation Together is The Perfect Combination. Rhinoplasty is more commonly known as “a nose job” is surgery performed on the nose that changes the shape or the structure of it. Many people who are unsatisfied with the appearance of their nose can benefit from rhinoplasty procedures. There are many procedures which have been perfected over the past decade making something that used to be very invasive, much less so. For many rhinoplasty procedures, there is minimal downtime, and the cost is affordable. Chin augmentation is when you change the structure of your chin by either lessening its appearance, or enhancing it. The new innovative procedures developed for chin augmentation is likewise much less costly and invasive.

 Rhinoplasty, Chin Augmentation

There are times when rhinoplasty and chin augmentation are done to make your appearance more appealing and others when there has been damage to the areas that need surgery. Whatever the reason that the surgeries are indicated, if both are to be performed, there is an advantage to doing them in combination instead of separately. For obvious reasons, the downtime is much less, when doing them at the same time, as is the pain and recovery. On top of those reasons, there is evidence to suggest that they are more effective when done in concordance, with more lasting results, than when done independently. It is also less expensive to have the surgeries done at the same time. Instead of scheduling two different anesthesias, operating times, etc., the cost is considerably less when it is all done at the same time.

When rhinoplasty and chin augmentation are performed together the results are not only longer lasting, they have a tendency to be more appropriately proportioned. When done together, the changes are made so that they combined to be more natural and overall, a better fit for the entire appearance of the individual. With no obvious back draw to having them done together, if you intend to have the work done, it is best to schedule it all to be performed at the same time.

LifeStyle Lift Changing The Face Of Plastic Surgery, Literally

If you are tired of looking in the mirror and being unhappy with what you are seeing, there is a way to change it. Many of us were not gifted with the fountain of youth, meaning that age, and gravity, are constantly working against us. If you feel good and young on the inside and want to look the same on the outside, LifeStyle Lift may be the perfect way to breathe new life into your appearance and completely transform not only your appearance, but the way that you feel about yourself.

LifeStyle Lift Changing The Face

Unlike traditional facelifts that are not only costly and risky, but have a long recovery time, LifeStyle lift can have you looking ten to twenty years younger in about an hour. There is no extensive downtime or invasive surgeries involved to have your appearance completely altered. A much less costly alternative, it helps you to regain the appearance you had when you were younger. Taking away sagging skin and firming up the skin of your face and neck at many different levels.

Making a plan to address the many different signs of aging on your face, lifestyle lift is an entire procedure that is specialized to the needs of the patient. The overall plan is generated according to the individual desired results of the patient. Conquering aging at many different levels, it is the most innovative and non-invasive alternative to traditional face lift procedures that you can have performed.

Face Lifts Better Than Botox

Perhaps the biggest thing to revolutionize the cosmetic surgery industry was the introduction of Botox. Botox is the injection of the substance botulism into the muscle regions of the face, or elsewhere, to paralyze the muscles and to lessen the appearance of wrinkles. It is a procedure that has found much success because it is less invasive than other procedures, can be done on an outpatient basis, and is less costly that traditional procedures that have been performed for wrinkles.

The problem that exists with Botox is that it is still unclear how safe it is for long term use, it is inconsistent, and the effects last for a very short period of time leading women to go for frequent and recurrent treatments that are costly, and have them injecting toxins into their face on a continual basis. There are many new innovative procedures for face lifts that are a much better alternative to those who are using Botox injections on a regular basis. Face lift procedures are more permanent, consistent, and long lasting, and are a much better alternative for women looking to eradicate the appearance of wrinkles on their face.

Facelifts Better Than Botox

Face lift procedures are much less invasive and much less costly than they once were. The downtime of a facelift is a fraction of what it once was, and many new innovations in the field, have made them something that is a great option for women of any age. Face lift surgery only needs to be performed once, and doesn’t involve the risks associated with the long term use of Botox. Although more costly up front, it is a fix that lasts, and something that will halt aging all together.

If you are wondering about the many new innovative advances made in the area of face lift, you should consider giving the many options available a look. Face lift surgery is a onetime surgery that can have a woman looking decades younger without the maintenance, and with consistent results that will last. Done by a professional, they won’t have to worry about making the bimonthly appointment that can become considerably costly, a facelift will return the youthful appearance without wrinkles that a woman wants and in the end costing much less, and being much less time consuming.

Is Getting A Bikini Wax Putting You At Risk?

As summer approaches ladies we think about two things? Which bathing suit should I buy and where is the best place to get a bikini wax done? During the summer we spend more time in our bathing suits than we do in our actual clothes, and the last thing we want to see is hair on your bikini lines.

As new studies come out 60% of women are now shaving, waxing or removing their hair from their bikini area or doing a full Brazilian wax according to The Atlantic Report. With so many ladies waxing off their hair, there is new research showing how waxing may cause infections.

Bikini Waxing Dangers,

Researchers have seen that woman are getting more sexual transmitted diseases from waxing their bikini line, one of those sexually transmitted diseases is called Molluscum Contagiosum. This disease is curable, but it does cause irritation on the skin and sometimes even causes large bumps on the skin.

Here are some dangerous of bikini waxing:

Burns: Although the men and women who wax should be trained properly on how hot the temperature of the wax should be there is a chance they can burn your skin. Although, your skin will heal it can cause irritation and cause a rash.

Ingrown hair: Though this is not a deathly danger, it is uncomfortable and may cause you to seek medical care. If you have an ingrown hair that does not get fixed it can cause a huge lump on the area and can get infected and long lasting.

Scarring: Because your skin can get irritated and cause many little bumps over time the bumps can turn into scares.

Of course it is important to always talk over any waxing you’re having done on your body with a professional. For further information on the dangerous of bikini waxing.

Feel Spectacular With A Little Cosmetic Treatment Before The Big Day!

Do you have a big event coming up in your life; maybe a wedding? Of course you want to attend the biggest day of your life Looking Great, but perhaps your embarrassed about the wrinkles on your face that have appeared over the years, or maybe you have an issue with the little fat that has suddenly appeared by your arm pits.

Relax and calm down! There are now non-surgical procedures that can help remove these minor imperfections without having to go through the full surgery.

Non Surgical Cosmetc Procedures Before The Big Day

Although, they are considered non-surgical, it is important to find a “surgeon” that you feel comfortable with. When going for the visit always find someone you can express all your feelings to, and has the best idea to help you reach your goal.

  • One of the first new minor surgical procedures is for the little annoying fat that is near your armpits. Surgeons refer to this as corset overspill. The surgeon will have you come in and will simply take a large needle insert the needle in the creases near your armpits and start to remove the fat. This is much like liposuction, just without the surgery portion. However, you will be on general aesthetics so you do not feel the pain, but you will be okay to go back to work right away. Also A great quick procedure before that special day.
  • The next non-surgical procedure is a type of Botox, the injection is called Aretfill. This can be used for the stubborn wrinkles around your mouth, nose and forehead. Many people use this particular Botox because it doesn’t give off that “fake” appearance, after using it you look more refreshed! This injection goes straight in the areas of interest. Many people use this if they need to remove the lines in a short amount of time.
  • The final non-surgical treatment that is geared towards the Mona Lisa smile. This means if you are smiling yet always look like your frowning you can add this injection in that will help curve your lips and give off a happier smile! This particular Botox is called Juvaderm Ultra, and is mixed with a little local anesthetic this way you have a numbing sensation verse the pain. The beauty of this particular procedure is that it is only 5 to 10 minutes.

These 3 beauty non-surgical procedures are great if you need a quick fix for your Big Day or if you need a fix without having to go through a surgical procedure. Any of these non-surgical procedures will help you look your best, and continue to make you feel great!

How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

Liposuction is a quick fix that helps remove fat off the body! This is a little guide to help you see the different price range for liposuction.

It is always important to know that any surgical procedure is costly, and if you hear a low price if its to good to be true it most likely is. Each procedure costs is different based on the section of your body you want done.

Factors That Go Into Pricing:

Location is a factor of pricing. Some regions of the country are more expensive than others. Doctors experience is another big factor that goes into pricing. The more experienced the doctor is, it is usually more expensive verse a newer doctors. However, you may be willing to put in the extra dollars so you get the outcome you want.

The biggest factor of all is the area on your body you want liposuction. For instance if it is a small area like around your arm pits it will take less time for the surgeon, and also less fat to remove. If you chose a larger area on the body such your thighs this requires more time this is usually a higher price.

The Cost of Liposuction Can Very Depending on The Area Of Your Choice

The Cost of Liposuction Can Very Depending on The Area Of Your Choice

Over All Pricing:

It is important to remember that with the surgery you are paying for:

  • The facility fee’s
  • Surgeons fee’s
  • Anestisia’s fee’s
  • Pain Killer fee’s

This is a general idea of cost, of course upon picking your surgeon you will have a consultation to discuss all of the payment options:

  • Hip area general cost $2400
  • Thighs general cost $3000
  • Gluteal or Butt area general cost $1800
  • Non-Surgical procedures (meaning you do not need anesthesia) genera cost $1600

Again these are all just general prices and will vary for numerous reasons. If you have any questions please feel free to Leave a Comment.