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Guys! Do You Want Your Girlfriend To get Plastic Surgery? 24% Of Men DO!

Do women ever wonder if there boyfriends, husbands or fiancés want them to get cosmetic surgery, or are they happy with just them just the way they are? There was a survey done including 1,248 British men that were in relationships, to see if men really did want their partners to have plastic surgery. The results are in and a quarter of the men said yes they wanted their partners to have plastic surgery. However, a majority of men said they would never admit this to their partner. The research provided that 1 in 4 men would like their partner to have cosmetic surgery.

The top cosmetic procedures that men wanted fixed on their partners were:  Liposuction, Breast Enlargement, Dental Surgery, Nose jobs and Botox to remove wrinkles. By a 57% vote men decided they wanted their partners to have liposuction. That actually surprised the research team, thinking most men would have chosen breast enlargement.

After researching whether or not these men wanted their partners to have cosmetic surgery, they were then asked, “Would you ever tell your partner that you think surgery would improve their looks?”

Just as expected a lot less men would fess up to this. Only 12% admitted that they would actually tell their partners. Clearly these men must also be insane to ever tell anyone that they need surgery, however the greater majority would never tell their partners these thoughts. 76% of men said the biggest reason they did not tell their partner was because they didn’t think their looks could improve. 52% said they wouldn’t want to upset their partner, these must be the geniuses of the group, and 23% said they wouldn’t tell their partner for fear of causing an argument.

Well there you have it, men do want their partners to change, and they just don’t have the courage to inform their partners. For More info on this survey:

The Perfect Combination

Rhinoplasty And Chin Augmentation Together is The Perfect Combination. Rhinoplasty is more commonly known as “a nose job” is surgery performed on the nose that changes the shape or the structure of it. Many people who are unsatisfied with the appearance of their nose can benefit from rhinoplasty procedures. There are many procedures which have been perfected over the past decade making something that used to be very invasive, much less so. For many rhinoplasty procedures, there is minimal downtime, and the cost is affordable. Chin augmentation is when you change the structure of your chin by either lessening its appearance, or enhancing it. The new innovative procedures developed for chin augmentation is likewise much less costly and invasive.

 Rhinoplasty, Chin Augmentation

There are times when rhinoplasty and chin augmentation are done to make your appearance more appealing and others when there has been damage to the areas that need surgery. Whatever the reason that the surgeries are indicated, if both are to be performed, there is an advantage to doing them in combination instead of separately. For obvious reasons, the downtime is much less, when doing them at the same time, as is the pain and recovery. On top of those reasons, there is evidence to suggest that they are more effective when done in concordance, with more lasting results, than when done independently. It is also less expensive to have the surgeries done at the same time. Instead of scheduling two different anesthesias, operating times, etc., the cost is considerably less when it is all done at the same time.

When rhinoplasty and chin augmentation are performed together the results are not only longer lasting, they have a tendency to be more appropriately proportioned. When done together, the changes are made so that they combined to be more natural and overall, a better fit for the entire appearance of the individual. With no obvious back draw to having them done together, if you intend to have the work done, it is best to schedule it all to be performed at the same time.

How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

Liposuction is a quick fix that helps remove fat off the body! This is a little guide to help you see the different price range for liposuction.

It is always important to know that any surgical procedure is costly, and if you hear a low price if its to good to be true it most likely is. Each procedure costs is different based on the section of your body you want done.

Factors That Go Into Pricing:

Location is a factor of pricing. Some regions of the country are more expensive than others. Doctors experience is another big factor that goes into pricing. The more experienced the doctor is, it is usually more expensive verse a newer doctors. However, you may be willing to put in the extra dollars so you get the outcome you want.

The biggest factor of all is the area on your body you want liposuction. For instance if it is a small area like around your arm pits it will take less time for the surgeon, and also less fat to remove. If you chose a larger area on the body such your thighs this requires more time this is usually a higher price.

The Cost of Liposuction Can Very Depending on The Area Of Your Choice

The Cost of Liposuction Can Very Depending on The Area Of Your Choice

Over All Pricing:

It is important to remember that with the surgery you are paying for:

  • The facility fee’s
  • Surgeons fee’s
  • Anestisia’s fee’s
  • Pain Killer fee’s

This is a general idea of cost, of course upon picking your surgeon you will have a consultation to discuss all of the payment options:

  • Hip area general cost $2400
  • Thighs general cost $3000
  • Gluteal or Butt area general cost $1800
  • Non-Surgical procedures (meaning you do not need anesthesia) genera cost $1600

Again these are all just general prices and will vary for numerous reasons. If you have any questions please feel free to Leave a Comment.

Five Tips On How To Lose That Muffin Top

Love Handles, just reading the word makes you roll your eyes. Love handles or “muffin top” is that annoying fat that’s on the side of your hips that bulges over pants, and makes the stomach stick out in a bathing suit.

Since the beginning of time women have tried numerous ways to hide or remove the love handles.  But every time the temporary fix no longer works we give up, and go back trying to cover up those love handles! However, now days there are many solutions that can help hide, slim down or even permanently get rid of those pesty love handles. There are now several solutions from dieting all the way to cosmetic procedures.

If you are truly serious about losing those love handles, here are a few different ways to help:

Exercise: You can do as many sit ups, crunches and pushups as you please, but you will still never lose the muffin top. Unfortunately, you can’t just work out once and the fat vanishes, in this case you would have to put in at least 4 to 5 cardio exercises in a week. By doing cardio you are getting your heart pumping and the blood flowing through your body. Some specific exercises that are good for the stubborn fat such as the love handles would be: planks, side planks and muscle ball chops. Of course with the exercise comes with the right kind of dieting. But over time your body will feel healthier, look toner and of course no love handles.bigstock-Group-of-five-people-in-gym-or-15749528

Fashion: There are several new clothing lines out that help suck in your love handles and makes you look great in your little black dress. You can wear spandex that will suck in your love handles or shape wear brand that has tank tops that help suck in the muffin look. These are just some examples, there are many brands out there these days that help form fit the body.

Fast Fix: One way to make yourself give off the appearance that you’re skinnier, and make you look like you’re fitting in your clothing would be a spray tan. If you look tanner, people are focusing on the tan and it gives the appearance of being skinner.

Forever Fix: If you don’t have time to exericese, or you want a fix that will last longer than a pair of spandex you can do a surgical or non-surgical procedure:

  • Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedure:There is a new procedure treatment that is called Cool Sculpting. Cool Sculpting is non-surgical procedure that is injected in the specific areas you want treated and over time cools away the fat. This works best because you can treat the exact area of interested. This will require several treatments, but after a period of time the treatment works and you’ll see the results.
  • Surgical Cosmetic Procedure: SmartLipo is one of the new top trends that has a 78% rate of working. This procedure works by going into the doctor’s office and laser off the area of fat that you want removed. There is little to no recovery, of course the area will be a little tender, and may cause a minor rash. Now only using SmartLipo will help small areas of fat loss, however if you combine SmartLipo with liposuction you will be able to get larger fat areas and will have an even higher chance to get rid of that annoying fat.

By using these different products you will receive different results, however they are all after one goal; getting rid of those love handles, that aren’t so loveable.

Statistics Proves That Plastic Surgery Has Changed

If your considering going for plastic surgery, but unsure of what procedure to have, or having second thoughts? The 2012 statics of Plastic Surgery has just come out! Perhaps this will help show that many American’s are getting plastic surgery, and even help decide which procedure you would like to do first.

The statistics come from American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery also known as the ASAPS, this is combined surgeons, nutrients and doctors.The front runner of all plastic surgery is the Breast Augmentation. This procedure has increased by 15,000 more than the previous year before. This is important to know because there are more doctors gaining experience with this particular procedure, which means safer and faster recovery time for you.

The ASAPS were impressed this year by the numbers of facelift; it has increased by 2.5%. With all the creams and Botox out there to get, the full proof way to get the wrinkles away and even cut down cost would be the facelift. By having to go in one time for the procedure and paying one lump sum helps save you money, verse Botox where you visit the doctor numerous times to fix numerous wrinkles.

If you are considering getting a vaginal rejuvenation procedure now is the time to do it! This particular body enhancer has grown 64% in the last year. This helps show you that there are more doctors gaining the experience, and having satisfying turn out rates.

The biggest surprise that was found through these statistics this year was the amount of men that are getting plastic surgery, some procedure that are popular with men are breast reductions and facelifts. By reading these statistics it shows that both men and women feel that they want to change something on their body, and not to be embarrassed but to gain self-confidence!

2012  Cosmetic Surgery Statistics From American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

2012 Cosmetic Surgery Statistics From American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

One of Georgia’s Most Impressive Cosmetic Surgeons Dr. Lou Cole

If you are looking for a cosmetic surgeon in the state of Georgia, then Dr. Louis D. Cole is definitely someone you should consider.  He specializes in minimally invasive cosmetic surgery, including several different methods of liposuction, along with body contouring and fat transfer procedures such as the Brazilian butt lift.

Dr. Louis Cole completed both his undergraduate degree and medical training at Brown University, where he specialized in surgery.  He is board certified in Emergency Medicine, and is an active member of the medical team at Gwinnett Medical Center.  In addition to being a member of a number of professional organizations, such as the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and the Medical Association of Georgia, he is a Diplomate of the American Board of Emergency Medicine.Dr. Lou Cole
Continue reading

How Long Do Breast Implants Last?

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures among women. There are many different procedures to enhance breast but most popular are Breast implants. There are two types of breast implant that can be used for the augmentation.  Silicone breast implants are the ones now used for the majority of procedures, since they give a more realistic look and feel to the breasts.  These use medical grade silicone, which has been thoroughly tested to ensure that problems such as allergic reactions will not occur.  The semi-solid silicone gel used to fill the most modern forms of the implants is designed to prevent leakage and the movement of silicone into the body.

Saline filled breast implants give a less realistic look and feel after implantation, so now they are used less frequently.  However, the main advantage of the saline implant is that they can be inserted using a much smaller incisions, as they are designed to be filled once they are in place within the body.Breast Implants

Breast implants are considered to be class 3 medical devices, and have a limited lifespan.  The older models of breast implant, particularly the saline implants, were prone to rupturing, causing the saline to leak into the body.  The capsule can then be easily removed.  Silicone implants, when they rupture, may cause the slow leakage of the contents into the body.  This can lead to clinical complications such as enlarged lymph glands and inflammation.  The longer that the implants are present in the body, the more likely it is that complications will occur.  However, the modern silicone implants are much less likely to rupture than previous generations of implants, due to the dramatic improvements that have been made in the quality and design.

For the second generation of silicone filled breast implants, designed and used throughout the 1970s, the rupture rate at ten years after implantation was between 8 and 15 percent of implants.  The first MRI scans of more recent implant designs, carried out at six years after implantation, showed a rupture rate of 1.1 percent.  Though the lifespan of the devices is improving, the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) emphasizes that breast implants are not designed to last the lifetime of the patient.

Choosing The Right Size Breast Implants

Breast Augmentation has been the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in many years, with almost 300,000 cosmetic procedures being carried out in the United States during 2012.  When you are considering breast augmentation, you need to ensure that you choose a reputable, qualified surgeon who has experience in carrying out the procedure. Be sure to check the qualifications of any surgeon you are considering, and also see whether they are registered with the appropriate professional organizations.

It is essential for you to have an initial consultation with the surgeon who will be carrying out your procedure, so that you can ask any questions that you have.  Make a list of things that you need to ask before your appointment, to make sure that you don’t forget anything.  Ask about the surgeon’s experience and also to see photographs of previous procedures that the surgeon has performed.  This will help to give you a realistic idea of what the final results will be.breast augmentation Continue reading

The Scarless Tummy Tuck

Mini Tummy Tuck’s are gaining popularity with being the Scar less tummy tuck of today. A mini tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to remove excess skin and fat from the lower abdominal area.  It is similar to the tummy tuck procedure, but does not involve the repositioning of the navel, which would ensure that the belly button remains in an appropriate location.

The mini tummy tuck flattens the abdomen by removing excess tissue from the area below the belly button.  This is done by making incisions to create a flap of skin.  The fat underneath this is then removed, and the skin flap stitched back into place.  The operation takes approximately an hour, and you may need to stay in hospital overnight.

The main difference between the mini tummy tuck and the full tummy tuck is that the incisions are shorter and there is no movement of the belly button.  The mini version of the procedure is most suitable for anyone who has excess fat in the lower abdomen, between the navel and the pubic bone.  Both procedures are extremely popular, and you should discuss which would be most appropriate for you when you attend your initial consultation with your chosen surgeon.Tummy Tuck Vs Mini Tummy Tuck

A mini tummy tuck would be most appropriate if you are looking to flatten the lower part of the abdomen, and is particularly popular among women who have had difficulty regaining their figure after giving birth.  The procedure also improves the appearance of stretch marks and can help to regain the firmness of the abdominal wall.

The procedure can be carried out under either local or general anaesthetic, though it is recommended that a general anaesthetic is used to improve comfort.  An incision will then be made around the pubic area, and this will be up to fifteen centimeters long.  Once the fat has been removed, this will be stitched and supporting bandages will be applied.  It is important that you follow your doctor’s advice about wearing these, in order to obtain the best results.

Before you agree to any cosmetic procedure, you should discuss the benefits and risks with your surgeon before you agree to the surgery.  Ask any questions that you might have, and be prepared to talk about your reasons for wanting surgery and what your expectations are.  It is important that these are realistic, or you may find that you are disappointed with the results.  Ask to see photographs from mini tummy tucks that the surgeon has carried out in the past, so that you know what to expect.

How Many CC’s Do You Want? Test Them at Home

Thinking about Getting a Breast Augmentation, but you are unsure about what size implant to get? Here is a simple way to do some research before scheduling a consultation.  Make yourself some Rice Implants as mentioned on The Doctors; it’s simple, cheap, and easy. All you need is a 12 inch nylon stocking, some rice, and a measuring cup. Be sure to measure out the rice before putting it into the stocking. For a 250cc implant = 1 Cup of Rice, 300cc implant = 1 ¼ Cup of Rice, 350cc implant 1 ½ Cup of Rice, 400cc implant 1 ¾ Cup of Rice.