Summer’s Right Around The Corner So Get Ready!

As the summer is approaching everyone is getting ready to soak up the sun, get a tan and look great! Sadly, the sun does more than just gives you a tan. The sun can cause so much damage to your skin, and can change your life forever. Skin cancer rates are on the rise and people have become more increasingly aware of the increasing rate in the United States.Appling sunscreen

How exactly do you get skin cancer? You get the skin cancer from ultraviolet radiation or UV, which is directly from the sun light, or too much sunlight. Soaking up too much sun causes premature aging, skin cancer, and sometimes damage to the eyes.

Everyone needs to be educated about the sun, and it’s causes. Sun safety includes multiple modalities of sun protection, as well as going to the dermatologist or plastic surgeons for skin maintenance.

There are so many simple ways to help prevent the UV rays touching your skin, or to help put up a shield for you to protect you from the sun. Some easy ways are: sunscreen, wearing hats, sunglasses and umbrellas. If you are knowingly more susceptible to sunburn or skin cancer runs in the family you should avoid the hotter parts of the day where the sun is strongest such as the noon hours.

When it comes to sunscreen there are numerous brands, and numbers to protect you. This all can be quite confusing. When talking about sunscreen you most commonly hear SPF which stands for sun protection factor, which is basically tell you how much this protect can protect your skin. High numbers mean the product will create a better barrier between you and the sun.

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It is highly recommended 50 and above for your face if you hare fair-skinned, and at least 30 for the body. Of course as for children there are extra sensitive skin products that can help shield the sun.

You should start protecting your skin as soon as you come in the world granted that is a little hard when we are babies, so if you have your own baby you should remember that it is important from day one. Adults and children should use UV protection on a daily basis.

You can have fun in the sun; it’s just about being careful and knowing all the right ways to protect yourself from the sun.